Anonymous: That anon makes me pretty terrified for you

Same if they don’t tell!



happy birthday to the baddest mother fucker out there.

Photos of people with Yannis make me so jealous.
U livin the dream
Anonymous: maybe I can reveal all in Tenerife

or maybe now? have we spoken before?

Anon who are you?? it’s no fair, please tell

Anonymous: gladly we have a date and a location

but no face

Anonymous: it got weird quickly I liked it

be my guest though  

Anonymous: firstly coat them in ice cream

man you freaky

5 to 9
Anonymous: I would like to lick them

sure you would 

Anonymous: topless is good for me FREE THE NIPPLE

i have lovely hairy nipples though

Anonymous: life isn't fair and I'll end up seeing you topless woooop

hahah, you will indeed but topless isn’t really anything special so it’s all good